Monday, November 28, 2011


So is it really thanksgiving again? Wow.
Since my Pday falls on the day of thanks I won't have a pday...
I am actually super stoked! We are putting humanitarian kits together ALL day, literally, and having a devotional from Russel M. Nelson? Rumor has it...
A few things for mom-
Yes. Would love another suit case. This is what I was thinking, just put my small bag in the big bag and carry it around my whole mission until it's time to come home and I'll pack all 3 bags and carry one on so I can bring everything home I may or may not aquire. Like some bull horns and a spainard probably. Not a live one of course.
Also... don't know if you have packed away all my stuff or not, but I am needed 4 or 5 pair or my dry lux garments. They were the ones in the while basket rolled together in pairs when I left. Also, my green nikes. This is basically all I need!
So BYU bookstore is free/same day delivery. You just have to drop it off there, Don't know if you guys have left for vegas yet or not but you could maybe drop it off there so you don't have to mail the stuff to me!!?? What do you think?
Sorry I don't have much time cause I am doing language study. TELL THE FAMILY I LOVE THEM. I hope you all stand in a big circle this year and tell what you are grateful for. This is what I would add to the list- I am grateful for my amazing parents who have lived faithful lived despite of difficulty and taught me how to live the gospel, I would say how grateful I am for my amazing sibilings... I wish I were making the 7 hour drive with you just so I could spend time with you. I am grateful for my amazing older brother and his sweet wife who have always been there for me and been such great example to me of hard work my whole life. I am grateful for all my cousins, aunts and uncles. I am grateful uncle bob will always be my boyfriend. I am glad my family is okay with depantsing each other. I am extra grateful for the sweet aunt connie and the amazing 80 year old she is. I am grateful my family is a family full of love... my whole family. I BRAG every single day about the amazing family I come from. Best aunts and uncles ever.
Anyway, I am out of time.... Send my love to everyone, with a huge hug and kiss.
Love love love love you all!! Drive safe.
Mom- took care of the power of whatever you needed today so let me know what you've done with my school stuff.
Love, Hermana Marshall

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