Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Snow. YES. Finally. We actually got a decent amount down here is the Park of Roses, so that was pretty neat. Geldmacher is engaged? WHOOP. That is wild. You finally saw my little Arkansassy? I love her so much, and miss her dearly. Her wedding is going to be magazine status, so it's fine.
BUT- this week in the mission was 7 days long and 24 hours wide each day. It was just dandy all the way through. A couple weeks ago we were knocking this apartment complex and found this lady who was inactive and hadn't been to church for a couple months, but she said she worked on sunday's so she couldn't go to church still. Then while we were there we just decided to keep knocking a couple doors. We met this 26 year old Nestor. He seemed a little sketch at first, but we just talked to him on the door and the spirit was like, give him bom, give him a bom.... and I was just like, oh no, my comp will do it, and before I knew it the door was shut and we were walking away, and I was like, great, I just made that guy lose his shot at eternal life! The whole way home I was just expecting a lighting bolt to knock me off my bike... everytime we went back he was never home! But the Lord is merciful, so a couple weeks later we finally find him home and we give him a BOM and he was like yeah, of course I'll read it, and we set up a time we could come back. We go back with a member so we can get in his house (cause you have to have 3 girls in the house to go in) and he just starts talking about his parents dying 4 years ago, so now he is the oldest of 6 and they all live with him in his little apartment building. He had a TON of questions about after death and so forth. We start teaching about the Plan of Salvation and he was like, you know that makes sense cause I've always felt like maybe I existed before this life maybe as like a soul or something... Then we talked about the life after and he was just SO ELATED to hear that his parents were okay and that there was a chance of him living with them FOREVER! He was just so comforted, then the next lesson we taught him about the restoration, and he was like yeah, yeah, it all sounds true! He is so willing to pray and read, at church yesterday we talked about our relationship with our Heavenly Father and it was just so cool watching his face while he listened, sounds a little creepy but it's not, cause it was just so incredible for someone to finally understand who he is and where he stands with God.
Then we have Mr. Carlos, he's 29 and he is Eduardo's roommmate. Everytime we teach Eduardo, Carlos comes in like midlesson and listens and we include him and he has tons of questions but he'll never ask them because he feels too dumb to. So we have been trying to just stop by him and he has a lot of questions but he has been so hard to reach. When ever I mention anything about having an open heart to get answers he just says, well, I don't want to open my heart because every time I have it just gets broken. BUT... last night we finally took our first little baby step with him. We just started talking about the BOM and he again had so many questions. He believes is God but just says he doesn't know Him very well, but there has been times in His life where he has just thought about God and asked Him, why am I doing these things in my life and why can't I be happy? We invited him to pray at the beginning of the lesson and he was like, no I can't, I need to practice before I pray to him so I don't sound dumb. But slowly as the lesson progressed, he started opening up little by little. Beverly (our recent convert) bore a LEGIT testimony about how the Book of Mormon has changed every aspect of her life. After trying and trying and trying to help him open up, it was her testimony that did it. He just looked down at the book and looked at us and said, "so you're telling me, that if I take this book a little more seriously, I will find answers to questions I've always had, and it will change my life and help me have a better life?" YES!!! That is exactly what we're saying. He was just like, okay then, of couse I'll read it. Then at the end of the lesson, I just looked at him and was like, so... since now you understand a little better HOW MUCH God wants to hear from you, are you ready to say a prayer? He just got on his knees and said, yeah, yeah I am. During that prayer I just couldn't stop thinking about how incredible it was to experience this son of God having his very first conversation with his Father. I could just imagine the happiness on God's face as his son asked him for help so that he could get closer to him and feel more of His love and change his life. The spirit was so strong and I just couldn't even imagine how the Heavens were rejoicing.
For some reason we make prayer too hard or seem like it's a hard task, but it's just talking and listening to the most loving, patient, kind, powerful creature in the universe who wants us to be completely happy just like He is. Why in the world wouldn't we talk to Him ALL DAY EVERYDAY???
Moral of the story, just say your prayers. There is a way good talk in the october conference ensign that called the Privalge of Pray. Read it. Pray more, and feel the power that comes into your life.
I love you fam damily! Be good and remember Jesus in all you do.
Paz y amor
Hermana Marshall
P.S. my new comp is asian


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