Thursday, December 22, 2011


 Hello dearest family.
WHERE TO START... I got my reassignment. Long story. I've been having some pretty dedicated conversations with my Heavenly Father about where I was going to get reassigned. I told him, that I probably shouldn't get reassigned to Utah... cause if I go to Temple Square or SLC I won't tell my family where I'm at, cause I don't want them to find me. I also told him these places won't be a very good idea. I told him I would be pretty upset, and I'm sure there are plenty of people in NY, Texas, California, Florida or even Arkansassy that could use me. I promised him I would work really hard.... So we talked about it for a couple of nights in a row. Then last night, I didn't have a change of heart, but we came to a compromise. I said, I know the Spain consulate is in SLC and it will be most practical for me to serve there, and I know the gospel is important everywhere. So I told him that if it be his will, and I did go to SLC, that I will go and I will serve under the condition that I didn't see anybody I knew. No family. No friends. Only people truly searching for the gospel. He agreed with my that this would be a good idea. So family and friends, for who knows how long I will be serving in the Salt Lake City Utah Mission.... dream come true. If you see me, walk the other way, please!!!! I leave Tuesday morning at 6 am for the 20 minute bus ride with 8 other Spain sisters to start a mini mission ha! Now thinking about it, it's pretty hilarious. But luckily for mission covers over to Wyoming and Nevada, it barely even covers around salt lake. Aunt Kimberly's house is even in my mission... so tell her to have the missionaries over for dinner haha. Anyway, that's the best news of my life as of today. Just gotta ride with the tide and go with the flow. But I will be calling home Sunday for 5 minutes.... so I will call in the morning sometime before you go to church since I don't get to call from the airport, yet.
I GOT TWO OF THE BEST PACKAGES OF MY LIFE THIS WEEK. 1. from the sweetheart Irene Hola who had all her kids so kindly write my letters and treats and a Christmas book. Irene, thank you dearly! 2. Some wise soul (brooke shoko foster) managed to sneak in TACO BELL to the mtc. BEST.MEAL.OF.MY.LIFE!!! Thank you so much miss cookie. You know how to feel my soul haha.
Also, Natalie Sargent got her mission call to serve in CHILE! That is super exciting. I cannot wait for her! Two of my roommates are having surgery this week. One is getting her gallbladder out and the other is getting her knee worked on cause her knee cap keep popping out of place. My challenges are nothing compared to theirs, they are so strong and such a good example to me. So pray for them and I may be wiping some bums this week if the patients need me!
We had an amazing workshop this week on the atonement. We talked a lot about the unconditional and conditional parts of the atonement. The atonement is unconditional to all mankind in overcoming death and the fall of Adam. Everybody will be resurrected. As missionaries it is our job to share and invite people to the conditional part of the atonement. The part that is made conditional on us, we are the determining factor of how much grace and mercy we receive. It is by our faith, our willingness to change and our turning our heart to him that we receive the fullness of the atonement. We were teaching this baptist guy and he asked the question, "in my church, I know I am saved. I just have to accept Christ and he takes care of the rest. But I would never want to join your church because I would never know how much I need to do to gain salvation." Such a legitimate question right. He's exactly right. Our church does require works, because faith without works is dead. We were stumped. Everything we were trying to say we were getting into a deeper hole. The teacher of the workshop taught us afterward, that if he's asking, how much do I have to do, he doesn't get it. He doesn't understand the atonement and the price that was paid for there to be an atonement. He doesn't understand it's healing effects and what joy it can bring. Because when we truly understand it, when we understand the sacrifice that was paid, and how much we can truly gain from it, then we no longer ask what more do I have to do... but instead, what more can I do for you, my Savior.
I am totally out of time and have to teach a lesson in 3 minutes! But he is getting baptized on Saturday!!! WHOO.. He finally overcome his addiction to pornography and the word of wisdom. The atonement is real. It can heal each of us and make us whole once again. Talk to you Sunday. Peace and love.
Love, Hermana Marshall

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